The Veterans Memorial Committee meets the 4th Monday of every month in the Veterans' Hut on County Home Road in Yanceyville.

Meetings begin promptly at 5:30 p.m.

CAR SHOW at the Bright Leaf Hoedown. All proceeds to benefit the Veterans' Memorial.

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Pay honor to your hero- military personnel, law enforcement, EMS, firefighters, community leaders, and special heroes to be recognized from November 1- December 15 at the future site of the Caswell County Veterans Memorial. 

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To work together as a unified group toward a common goal to create and construct a memorial to the Veterans of Caswell County who served in all branches of the military.

Our Mission Statement

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To honor those who serveD our nation 

Our Committee

Caswell County Veterans Memorial

Upon completion of the memorial, all veterans native to Caswell County will be honored in perpetuity by a physical monument commemorating their service. Those who gave their life in combat will be individually named, ensuring that generations to come are able to appreciate the true sacrifices made for our freedom.

Our Vision

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Made up of veterans, community leaders, and intensely supportive community members, our committee meets frequently and logs many hours ensuring that construction of the memorial moves forward and all veterans are accurately identified.

Current Committee Members